NO fear
NO bondage
NO death
NO deception
Faith breeds Victory
Cast out Satan and his curses
Abide in My Arms
Swing the Sword and slay the evil ones
with My Words

Faith brings forth My Action
My Purposes on the natural level
Children have faith in their parents
until it is destroyed
I long for you to be as children again
with a child's longing to please Me
with your absolute Trust in Me
in My Provision
in My Love
in My Guidance
in My LIFE poured out for you

Ask to be a child once more
to be given a child's heart which trusts
in all circumstances

Ask to know Me as I AM
The most Faithful of Fathers and Friends

Ask to abide in My Perfect Will
so that I may prove
through you

Ask to be pleasing to Me at all times
in all circumstances
against all foes
and I will come to conquer
and raise you up to a high position
in the Heavenlies to Reign with Me

Ask for eyes to see as I do
All acts of My Will
already accomplished

Ask to know My Will
and My Plan for you each day
and the courage to walk in perfect obedience
with Divine Faith to prove My Provision and My Love

Come, child ~ let Me fill you with all you need today
to please Me perfectly



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