(God started this one with a joke)

All in one accord
All hearing My Voice
obeying My Commands
living in sacrificial Love
towards Me and our entire Family

It's possible
I have deemed it so
Call for it to come forth

Call for all My Children to "hook into"
this last movement of My Heart towards mankind
in such fashion and deliverance
that all prove

Believe it will happen
I have set all things in order
to bring about My Kingdom in this way

Submit, Love, Learn
as the Father and I are ONE

~ ~ ~



And why do I send out My prophets, at times
before their hearts are prepared to receive
the onslaught of rejection?
Why do I not wait and earnestly teach My servants
how to handle the mighty forces against them?
Why are My prophets led to the slaughter
time and time again?

Because I require it all
Because I require a life laid down
Because I am testing those to see
who will lay down their heart
time and time again
to deliver the Message

Is there a perfect way to prepare My prophets
from Satan's attacks against their hearts?
This preparation comes in time
but I will not stop and wait for the hearts
to be whole and mature and incapable of damage
before I command the Words to GO
No, there is not time

My Heart was broken at the Garden
by sinful / disobedient men
and My true people will experience the same grief
the same loneliness
the same desperation
but also, come to the same conclusion

I send My prophets out
with Words to secure My Kingdom
to test the people
often to promote those of obedience
but also to uproot the religious and their power palaces

My prophets will be wounded
They will be severely hurt
They will be chastised, lied about, stolen from
And yet . . . they return to My Heart
to where the Words began
to the Origin ~ the Source
and I comfort and heal and teach and guide
and send them out once more

There are people, to which, forgiveness
is not granted
There are people, to which, I hold them
in full sentence
There are people who will truly never repent
I offer forgiveness to those ready to repent
but if the heart, the mind, the soul
will not turn
will not accept My Grace
will not receive the outpouring of My Blood
there only remains punishment

To those
My prophets are called to speak
words of damnation
words of death
words of complete Judgment
Forgiveness has been offered and refused
The heart is hard
The soul is "absent"
They mock My continual offer
and I speak Words that inform these blasphemers
that their "spot" in Hell is reserved and ready

Make NO mistake
I offer forgiveness
until there is no longer a chance to repent
and then the Words to lay low
and seal one silent in their grave is made

Should you pray for the prophets that have laid
their lives on the line for Me?
but not only pray for their healing
Pray for understanding
to know My complete Direction and Commands
toward them to Rise up and battle
though their hearts were tender and young
They were not disobedient to suffer the injuries
They were not ill-prepared
Many were, at best, simply loving Me
with every ounce of their being
unto the surrendering of their heart
unto the sword of Satan

I want no less than this
Those who are willing to "die" for My Words
are truly ready for the next Movement
Those who shrink back and wait for the opposition
to clear and procrastinate
are not perfectly obedient to Me

I have sent My soldiers out
and many have "died" at the hands of the enemy
But . . .
abides in these mighty souls
and I heal and restore
and bring forth through these faithful ones
a New Level of Authority
and immediately sanctioned Decrees

All are tested
All are tried
All are proven who move into this Next Phase
I will only employ / protect / empower
those who choose to suffer as I have
never denying My Words or the manner in which
I speak them

comes for but a few
but to those
is granted
Oh yes . . . and brand new hearts!



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