Abide in My Heart
Abide in My Love
Abide in My Words

Yes, I will bring forth leaders for My people
leaders who have drawn on My Spirit
who walk in My Spirit
who obey My Spirit
and these leaders will teach and guide
and help and administer Anointing
to establish My Church
perfectly as I deem

Is this a hard task?
Is it even possible?
Are we looking at a credible representation
of My LIFE and My Power
through this Glorious new Church?

Never think
that things will be done
as they have been done in the churches
these many days
No, what the churches (apart from Me) seek to accomplish
is their own glory and success

An easy smile, a short word, a happy song, a giving church
and we'll meet you again next week

what I had in mind
Can you glimpse with Me, "True Worship"
as it is done in Heaven?
Can you handle My Face in yours?
Have you heard Anointed Words put forth in Power?
Why would anyone want to leave a place like this?

No, My True Church of these last days will be absolutely
My Realm on earthen soil
filled with My people
who are full of My Spirit
My Anointing

Don't be surprised
when I raise up these habitations
Don't be surprised
at who I bring into these places
Don't be surprised
how little time it takes
to permeate unsuspecting people with My Glory
But, of course, you will be surprised
You will stand amazed
at My Glory revealed

And yet, the super structures of today
continue their apostasy

and schools for those who do not take the time
to abide in Me
What are they taught?
How to build perfect parking lots
so that people will come
How to collect money
every way possible from those believing that they are
furthering My Kingdom

No, the present day church, for the most part,
is built on sand
is conceived from man's errant misinterpretation
of My Word
and will now crumble
and be burned to ashes

Ashes laid out all in a row
as the churches in cities are on city blocks
Is this a Christian nation?
The people go to church
They dress up nicely
They say "The Lord" this and "The Lord" that
but they do not know Me
they do not Love Me
they do not obey Me
they do not truly serve Me
They are apart from Me

But, OH My True Church will RISE UP
because they know Me ~ they know My Desires
they do Love Me ~ with all their hearts
they will obey Me ~ every Word
and their service unto Me will be Perfect
perfectly directed by My Spirit
perfectly empowered by My Spirit
perfectly finished by My Spirit

There is NO similarity
between the church built by man
and My Church
There is NO power in man's way
There is NO true love / sacrifice
There is nothing that truly brings forth
My Kingdom
born in the mind of man

Listen to those who I put in leadership
Yes, but first, come and hear all that I have to say to you
These leaders will fill in
for your lack of understanding, at times
They will cover you with prayer
They will teach you how to truly find Me
as Who I AM and all that I AM
so that you may fully rise up to be
all that I have planned for you

Speak against My Anointed ones in word or deed
and you will know My Wrath —
immediately, without exception
Dishonor My Anointed ones
and you will know tremendous shame
Take anything from My Anointed ones
and you will know famine to a heightened degree

I protect My Anointed ones
I empower them
I raise them up
I continue to teach them and admonish them
I correct them and console them
I guide them and bless them
They are Mine and My Responsibility

If you have a case against My Anointed ones
I would advise you to come to Me, first
and ask for understanding and My Will
Do not think that you may rebuke them
without My Counsel and Direction
or the rebuke will firmly
return to you

Stay safe
Give My Anointed ones room to serve Me
Give them space to bring forth My Will
Give them honor, but only as you would also honor
the least of My House

My House
is to be a place where all are treated
the same

All Loved and honored and cherished
not one above another
All servants of the King

I will build My Church
I choose who to Anoint and lead

I bring forth My Sword to those in rebellion
I empower all who come with pure hearts
to fully release My LIFE across this earth

I AM the Founder
I AM the Builder
I AM the Owner
I AM the Creator
the Finisher of My Church



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