Where do the donkeys lie?

Do you see them?

They lie outside the window's ledge

braying and hoping for a sure summer's day

They gather not their own food

nor do they share what they receive

They look in envy at those who do have

their fair share

What will be the fate of these donkeys?

What will be their lot?

You could open their eyes,

but they would still refuse to see

You could hold their ears close

to the words spoken,

but they would feign distraction

You could teach them with a whip and discipline,

but when they are alone,

they would return to rebellion

The donkeys gather

They recite their songs

They utter words of power,

but they are powerless

They congregate to pacify

Who are these donkeys?

Look around you...

Who is stubborn in their apathy

neglectful of their duty

resentful of the truly joyous

lazy in their presentation

pitiful in passion

washed in foolish pride

hateful of the non-compliant

prideful in their appearance

unwilling to repent

to truly change

to surrender all

to embrace the Cross of Jesus Christ?

It's the modern-day American church

Where do the donkeys lie?

Within the palaces of religion

How long will the Lord God Almighty

allow this apostasy?

The donkeys line up

They take each others' hand

They gather at the microphone

and sing their drone song of devotion

They long for better days

They sit and bray for hours at a time

They hope that they will be served mercy

but can you see now

that they cannot change

they fully will not change

because they are


A whole breed of people without a heart

Without a heart for God

for His true people

for the poor, the lost, the hungry

the soiled, the forlorn, the mistreated,

the unborn, the lonely, the fatherless

Heartless to the core

and yet, from this breed

this total misrepresentation of

the Lord Jesus Christ

will arise a REBEL FORCE

filled with the Passion and Heart of the Father

to take back control of the Church

and bring forth God's Own

His Bride

in perfection

Perfectly Pleasing to God


And may it be so even this day

for you see, the donkeys do linger

they do control their lot

but all within these places called the church

are not truly of the donkey breed

REBEL if you have the Father's Heart

REBEL and speak the Truth

REBEL and sacrifice your reputation,

your money, your all

to truly and fully represent Jesus Christ

and the fullness of the Gospel

Where do the donkeys lie?

They're lying all about

Make sure you do not harbor with these

for their fate is sure and quickly approaching

Call out for New Birth - New Life

The Father's Heart

Only the Father can draw you

Only the Son can redeem you

Only the Holy Spirit can fill you