The men and women of Nazi Germany were not much different from the people of the United States.  They were hard working people who believed in principles of freedom, integrity and courage.  The Nazi soldiers walked the streets and spoke of their victories over the Jews and over the countries which Hitler’s army ransacked.  If you were not a Jew and you left the soldiers alone there was little chance that one might encounter their violent displays personally.  However, if you stood up to them, or harbored their enemy, the Jews, you would know their extreme and violent hatred first hand.

What advice would you give to the men and women of Nazi Germany?  Would you have advised them to keep quiet, keep clean of breaking laws which the Nazis enforced so as to save your life?  Or would you advise the men and women, and even children to stand up and protect the Jews and fight for freedom for the country once more?

I have watched countless movies, films, documentaries of that time and the occupation of the Nazis over the many countries and I would like to think that I would stand up and protect the innocent.

I have proof that I would.  For 17 years now, I have stood up to protect the people in the United States who have fallen under a false dictatorship, a false gospel.  The Nazis would kill the body to make their world more perfect.  They would choose the Jew out from among the people and take him / her, their belongings, their children and place them on a train to be exterminated.  The churches of the United States have a much more deceptive plan, not to kill the body, but to eliminate any chance of the people going to Heaven and receiving the full Truth of the Gospel.

“It is unbelievable, to what extent one must betray a people in order to rule it.”
-Adolf Hitler

Every week, when you pass by a church or better yet, walk into an American church, you are most likely taught falsehoods which will prohibit you from ever entering the Kingdom of Heaven.  You are smiled at, welcomed, asked to sit by a friendly member and the lies continue . . . and immerse you.  The church is out to sell a false religion at the cost of your very own soul.  What do they gain?  Money, status, belief that they are, in fact, helping you and saving your soul.  But, friends, it’s a “train” which goes to an extermination camp named Hell.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it.”
-Adolf Hitler

I read on twitter, facebook, various blogs by pastors, leaders of the “Christian” faith how easy it is to be a Christian and to accept Jesus as my Savior, while still doing and being the person which I have been from the beginning.  One pastor explains it as 2 separate gospels - one for just saving faith and a ticket to Heaven and another for disciples.  Another pastor speaks of the Cross of Jesus Christ as the simple atonement for our sins, but never speaks of repentance.  It’s like he believes that we’re all Christians by believing the fact of Jesus’ death and Resurrection, but not the process of being born again. 

Take a look at the mega churches and their large formats.  These people are lulled into a comfortable, affordable religion which is the opposite of Christianity.  Look again at the small churches which are on the quiet corners of your city.  Not very many people attend, but enough to pay the bills and still pretend that they are an active part of the Body of Christ. 

Observe their lives, read their twitters, facebook accounts, blogs and those of their children raised in the church and you will find filth of every kind, blasphemy, pornography, mockery of God’s Truth and words, stupidity, vain and prideful pursuits.  These lives have not been reborn of God.  They still act and live and breathe as if they have never encountered a Holy God.  They are simply not Christians and will not go to Heaven, but are on a slow train to Hell.

Expose these facts and the pastors and leaders will block your comments, threaten with law suits, slander your name, threaten arrest and then smile and “bless” the people dumb enough to enter their web of deceit.  Are the pastors the only ones to blame?  Were the Nazi soldiers and Hitler the only ones guilty?  Everyone is guilty who does not stand for the Truth and speak out against the apostasy of the modern day church.

“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”

-Adolf Hitler

There comes a time, though, when the war escalates to a new level.  I have spoken and written for many years and have lost family, money, friends all for the sake of speaking Truth.  I have sacrificed everything I have to speak and write the Truth.  In time, God will step in and prove the words true, but the problem is that it will be too late for 98% of the people to repent.  Too late to get off the train.  Too late to save their souls.  Just simply too late.

People wonder why I don’t treat the churches as if we are all one in Christ Jesus.  They wonder why I write and criticize; why I expose the lies instead of encouraging the pastors.  People wonder why I write with such passion against those who say that they are Christians.  I speak.  I write.  I expose.  I decree.  I curse. (Joshua 6:26, I Samuel 26, II Kings 2) I do all that God tells me to do to tear down the false church (Jeremiah 1:10) so that the innocent may go free unto true and full Salvation.  I write to save lives. I decree to set people free of a false religion.  I curse to stop pastors and leaders from leading people to Hell.

Simply spent well, I have been to do the work which God has told me to do.  The apostate church will fall in time.  The Nazis fell and were punished for their war crimes.  How much more do you believe that the pastors and leaders of the apostate church will be punished for sealing the people of their congregations into a false belief which guarantees their place in Hell?  How much more? 

There is no more that I can say, because the pastors and leaders refuse to hear.  I have encountered their extreme and violent displays of hatred against myself and my family.  These are things which the normal church attender never sees, because you agree to be cloned; to be made like them; to be servants of their programs; to be washed in their lies.  Speak absolute Biblical Truth to an American pastor and there is a very good chance that you will experience the exact same hatred that the Nazi’s had for the Jews.  It’s hatred from Hell, itself. 

Hitler spoke of his mentor, Dietrich Eckhart, “He appears to know the meaning of hatred and how to apply it.”

You have the choice each and every day of your life to pick up a Bible and read the Gospels, asking God to teach you through His Holy Spirit how you can be born again into His Kingdom.  Once you have this information and have agreed to God’s plan of rebirth and are filled with His Holy Spirit, there is no way that you will be able to continue to condone the heresy which the churches speak.  You will either leave the churches or speak the Truth within them and know with certainty that Satan, himself rules and governs the American church.  If you are truly born of God you will not be able to keep quiet concerning the Truth and you will never be able to condone the lies of the churches.

Persecution will come from the religious to snuff out the true people of God.  Satan is alive and well within the churches of the United States just as he was within the murderers of Nazi Germany. Are your ROOTS in Jesus Christ, the Son of God or do you attend an apostate church; pretend to be a Christian; have your ROOTS in Satan?

Time will tell. 

“Thus says the LORD: ‘Cursed is the man who trusts in man And makes flesh his strength, Whose heart departs from the LORD.’”  Jeremiah 17:5

The churches of the United States believe that they prosper because they unconditionally support their pastors, leaders and mesh together all their varied beliefs in order to appear “Christian.” 
But the fact of the matter is that they compromise to include the greatest portion of people in order to appear successful and tolerant.  In doing so, they pervert and taint the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, guaranteeing that the masses who attend their churches will never fully know the Truth.  They believe that they are acting for the greater good, but they, in fact, are bringing about their own destruction and trains fully rolling toward Hell with no one to stop them.

”It was not fate or destiny which put Germany on the path to self-destruction, but the wilfulness of their leadership and the willingness of the people to submit to that greater will.”
-The Nazis and the Occult

“This institution supports the Fuhrer unconditionally.”
-Banner on Witteanau Lunatic Asylum, 1938

And my God tells me to CRY JUSTICE
and I will until God reigns perfectly
in our midst