What is it that takes your soul away

from Life and Truth

and Me?
What is it that steals the very heart
of your being
and yet,
you don’t always know

you’re not always aware?

It can be as a thief in the night
or it can appear to be your closest friend and ally
but I tell you the Truth
Your misdeeds and mis-thoughts
separate you from Me
and we are no longer One
We are no longer as I planned for us to be
We are no longer friends

Sin grabs hold, at times, and pulls you
into its web
You have not the strength to fight
and you surrender to its course
but, it is the full course
with eternity away from Me

away from Life
away from Love

I have made a way for you to, instead,
surrender to Me
to know My Love
to accept My Sacrifice
For you see,

I paid for all your sins
Death was the price
but now you can be free
You can be free to know Me
in My fullness
and experience FAMILY
as you never dreamed possible

Sin will destroy you
It robs you of all communication with Me
It steals the life blood of your soul
It alienates you from all that is truly Good
But, remember I paid the RANSOM

and be made clean
and know forgiveness
and allow Me to give you a new heart
and a new spirit
so that sin is not your allegiance
for you cannot fully fight this foe
on your own
You need Someone on your side
Who has fought and won
You need a Savior

Leave your heart of clay
Leave all that causes you despair
Leave all that condemns
Leave the old behind
Leave all to follow Me

You won’t be disappointed