A young woman married a King
As she entered the King's Chambers on her wedding night
She was given a Book
The Book spoke of the Kingdom and how to please the King
She took the Book and began to read
She read and she read into the early hours of the morn
The King waited patiently - for after all - True Love waits...
She awoke from her sleep and read some more
The King spoke from across the room where He sat waiting...
He spoke of His Love for her
but she could not hear for she had opened the window
of the Chamber to hear the people beneath
She would stand and gaze for hours at the young men
and the fine wrappings and the jewelry abound
and remember the freedom she thought she had before
The King would approach her to place His Touch upon her
but she would back away and begin to speak again
of all that she wanted
She made lists of things she wanted the King to give her
She would place the list in her Book and each morning
awake to see which of the desires the King had met
She became very lonely and quite bored
and she would venture back out on the streets
but she always took the Book with her for she felt obligated
She found others who had the Book and they would meet together
and talk of the Kingdom and talk of the King
as He sat alone in His Chambers
The years went by and still the King waited...
She had no time to gaze at His Face
She had no time to kiss His Brow or caress His Cheek
She did not take time
He would whisper of His Love for her,
but she was too busy now
going here and there
reading the Book
making lists of her requests
and finally she left -- never to return
She joined with the others
who read the Book of the King and His Kingdom
but never knew the King
~ ~ ~
Another young woman
was brought to the Chambers
was betrothed to the King, in time
She was given the Book upon entering the Chambers
and she knew the Book had much value
so she placed it beside the bed for later review
She looked into the King's eyes - she gazed at His Face
and she approached Him not sure of His response
He wrapped her in His arms and as she was held
She heard His Heartbeat
and she knew at that instant
that she would never want anything else
Their hours passed in each other's arms
They would dance and they would sing
and they would speak of their Love for each other
Their thoughts became as One
Their desires were the same - to please each other
They were truly in love --- They were truly One
At times, the King would take the Book from beside the bed
and lovingly read out loud to His Bride of the Kingdom
He would teach her as He held her
He would love her and hold her close
and all that they did - they did together
She had no desire to leave the Chambers
She had no desire to open the window
and look at the world she came from
She had found freedom - true freedom
in the arms of the King she loved
Oh that we would love the King!
Oh that we would hear His Heartbeat!
Oh that we would put down all that we think pleases Him
and allow Him to hold us so closely that we know
with our whole being what truly pleases Him!
Oh that we would become One with Him - truly One in Him!
Oh that we would love Him as He has loved us!
Oh that we would be His Bride
Flesh of His Flesh
Soul of His Soul
Heart of His Heart
Spirit of His Spirit
One in Him!