The children are taken daily
and we sit and bide the midnight air
They are taken; stolen
never to be returned as they were


Because we do not truly watch over their souls
We turn them over to whatever pleases them
just so that we can live our lives without distractions
But the Truth is
We are responsible for the children
born and unborn
We are their keepers
We are their protectors
We are their family

We have the opportunity to gain a special set of skills
to protect the children
We have the chance, the time to procure
the children from their death
but will we pursue this expertise
to counter the evil, the neglect, the apathy
and poverty of our own souls
to save the children?

A story was once told of a man who tried to bring his daughter back from the hands of slave traders
He used all that he had to save his daughter
and bring her home to safety
His victory was won
The child he loved was now safely home

What price will we pay to save the children
to bring them home?

What price was paid for us?
May God cause us to sacrifice our lives
to deliver the children
unto the safety of His Arms

We’re each held accountable
Each one of us
Will you invite the True Hero
to arise within you
to save the children?

And it was said in that day
that there were a few who arose
put on the strength of God
and stood in the gap
to save the children


* * *