no more abortion

It’s taken me a long, long time, but I have finally learned to block; to block out that which brings harm to my heart and soul.

Today would have been my birth mother’s 80th birthday.  I did not know her well.  At 23 years of age and single she became pregnant with me.  Abortion was the only option she looked into until a friend advised her to check out adoption.  I was just a few days old when she left me at the baby home in New Orleans to be adopted.  When I was 23 years old and pregnant with my first child, I contacted the baby home to find out if they could give me any information concerning my mother.  I found out that she had been searching for me, also.

We met when I was 24 and began a struggle of a relationship.  She would email me at times with just the word, “Testing.”   I would respond with long emails all about myself and my children and asking about her life.  No response until a year or so later when I would receive another “testing” email.  For Mother’s Day one year, I sent my birth mother a card with pictures of my children and wrote of our love and care for her.  She sent the card back with the words written on the outside of my card, “Please let me forget that you ever existed.”  I let her have her peace.  On my birthday this year, I googled her name and found out that she passed away over a year ago.

That’s the history of my personal life with those who choose abortion and yet, even when they appear to love and care, still abort.

I’ve had the same history with the churches I’ve attended.  I wrote for years all that God instructed me to write so that the churches could prosper, but I only received hatred and rejection in return.  I was blocked, lied about, and told that if I communicated with anyone within the church through writing or speaking that they would sue me. 

My twitter has always been open for all to read.  I believe that everyone should read the warnings which God speaks.  Why then would I change and begin to block those from the churches who have rejected all that God has spoken through me?  Because there is no more time left.  I will not “play games,” compromise, flatter to gain approval, water down what God writes through me and at a certain point God will not continue to warn when all the warnings have been rejected. 

Even now, this day, I have words written that God has given me which I cannot yet release due to their finality of Judgment.  I have no desire to communicate with those who taint the gospel.  A pastor can speak 99% Truth and fail in the 1% and still lead people to Hell.  I will have no part in their masquerade.

Years ago, I gave $25,000 to fund a youth building for the church I attended.  This weekend a vote will come which will most likely sell the land where the youth were to meet.  God had given me plans for the land of how He wanted to build a great city, but the Pastor would not listen.  He had his own plans, which 17 years later have only brought forth the sale of most of the land.  To this day, the Pastor refers to the land where the “city” was to be built as  “just a stupid field” and brags wholeheartedly about selling it.  You can’t build God’s Master Plan on a stamp, you know and soon, that is all that he will have left, for he would not “catch God’s Vision” but was determined to follow his own mind, his own plans, his limited vision and lead a whole congregation into poverty, poverty of finances, poverty of vision, poverty of the heart, soul and spirit.  Those who would follow this man into this poverty; however, deserve the results for they follow a man and not the Lord Jesus Christ.  Be very careful when a pastor speaks of hearing God’s Voice and being led “perfectly,” because he may just be a WOLF who is led by the demons and the Destroyer, himself, Satan.

Abortion brings forth death.  I am surely and completely dead to the apostate churches’ ways and speech.  Father God adopted me and I will forever listen only to Him.  He has taught me to BLOCK OUT all that aborts His children and the Truth. 


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