I sat and listened to the young waiter tell the story of banding together with other young men to alert a friend to his impropriety and how he was no longer welcome amongst them.  The friend had stalked and propositioned a fellow member’s wife and would not stop with simple requests.  It was the right thing to do to no longer allow this man to bring seduction into the safety of their families.

Would a “Christian” church do the same thing?  Hardly.  I sought long and hard for help when my spouse was abusive and bringing filth and porn into our marriage.  No pastor or friend would help. 

While bringing a sack lunch to my son’s friend at my former church, a fellow member shouted at me to “GET OUT” and physically pushed me toward the door.  When I wrote to the Pastor concerning what happened, he took the side of the man who pushed me and told me to find another church.

When I spoke to a youth Pastor about the danger that his youth were under, because they were not teaching them Truth, he called the police to have me arrested, citing that I was causing “an altercation.”

I spoke to the associate Pastor concerning a satanist which was attending the local church and putting curses on people.  He gave me the go ahead to speak to the man and tell him to no longer come.  When the Pastor found out, he was furious, and told me that I had no right to tell anyone that they could not come to his church.  He’s the same Pastor who told me to leave his church and find another church.  God spoke clearly to me of the matter, “They allow Satan’s henchmen, but kick out those who speak My Truth to protect.”

Churches, what you are protected from these days is TRUTH.  Your Pastors are well trained to ABORT those who speak God’s Truth.  So, what do you end up with?  The infiltration of the enemy in such form that none of your people will truly be welcome into the Kingdom of God.  You welcome filth, sexual perversion, dirty jokes, mockery of the Holy Spirit, praise and flattery of each other, etc. as part of your teachings to cause the people to return to your entertainment week after week and offer you a sacrifice of their earnings to keep them amused and unconvicted for one more week.  You disdain calls of repentance, calls to Righteousness, calls to bring the people into a Holy walk with God.

A Pastor writes the words, “I have sinned . . .” and he believes that it is counted as repentance.  True repentance would involve the making right of all that was cursed.  It would involve a public announcement of his sin and a time of probation or expulsion.  It would surely involve weeping and the disassociation with all that caused his sin and an embracing of the Truth however it comes.

Your young men and women are sent out to make a difference in this world and yet, they are exactly like the world.  There is no difference.  They are not Holy, Righteous, redeemed, transformed, etc.  They are still pitiful, filthy, repugnant, lustful, greedy and looking for ways to please themselves, but call it “missions.”  A young Pastor’s son who is studying to be a Pastor speaks of “checking out all the babes” on his recent mission trip.

And finally, a young man makes an effort to fight injustice on a worldwide scale and he succumbs to that which was within him and never fully cleansed away.  You can’t fight evil when you still harbor the enemy’s ways.  Curses abound to take you down and ruin your name forever.  Will this man be brought back into the church and forgiven for his atrocious manner?  Without a doubt. 

Will the prophet who speaks Truth, who could have kept this event from happening be brought back as a welcomed member of the Body of Christ?  No.

All will be forgiven in the local church, no matter how evil and how severe the damage, but the speaking and writing of Truth to protect each individual is not acknowledged or “forgiven.”

Church, you see the prophet as an intruder, an annoyance, a problem, troublemaker, divider.  But, in all Truth, they are sent by a loving God to show you where there are “holes in your armor” so that you might be safe. (#311)

Will the church change in this day and age to see Truth and welcome it?  I’m afraid not.  What we have here is a resolve of those who have been raised in churches to live in a type of grace which allows all manner of sin, even when it is harmful to all.  All is forgiven.  All is allowed.  All is counted as “human” and simply labeled, “normal” as one Pastor comically responds to the incidence with Mr. Russell:

"All have sinned & fallen short" Rom. 3:23 Thank God he forgives all our falling shorts! - Rick Warren

Are you protected?  You never will be until you welcome the Truth which the Father offers to cleanse you from sin, protect you from all evil, separate you unto Himself for consecration.  Don’t ever blame God for not protecting you.  You have all that you need.  The entire Sacrifice has been made.  But, the Truth is, you are unwilling to give up the ways and lusts of the world to be cleansed so that you will be protected from all evil.

16 years ago, I sat in a spare room at my church and spoke honestly with a couple who prayed for and counseled the Pastor.  I told them that the Pastor was unprotected no matter how much they prayed for him, because he had “holes in his armor.”  They told me that I was wrong and they they were sure that the Pastor was just fine.  Today he speaks apostasy.  Today he clamors for attention through every effort he can to draw people to his church.  He rebuffs the prophet and writes of praying for miracles - the miracle of the slaying of his enemies.  And yet, his enemy, still to this day, is the prophet and the Truth, itself.

Don’t ever think for a moment, church, that you would not slay Jesus the Christ if He came to your gathering on Sunday.  Don’t ever think that you would accept His teachings or repent when He spoke blatantly of your sin.  Don’t ever think that you’re different than the Jews who crucified the Innocent One, for you stand and crucify His Truth speakers daily.

Never believe that you are right with God and will be welcomed into His embrace as long as you despise the prophets and the words that the Father gives them to speak.  Your refusal to embrace the Truth is blasphemy.

ISAIAH 20, 21, 22