I sent the letter.  I had to.  It was time, for you see, for 17 years I held onto a secret waiting for God to tell me when to expose the crime. 

It all began when I was in my late 30’s at a church prayer service.  I was prayed for and God spoke to me of my calling.  I was naive.  I was innocent.  I was unaware of church politics.  I thought that everyone would want to hear what God told me.  Not so. 

God spoke to me of many things.  He also clearly told me that I had to tell the associate Pastor of the church that God said that it was “time to clean house.”  I did just that, but it got worse.  God then gave me a “word” to show the lead Pastor concerning the financial dealings of the church and why it did not please God that they were “laundering money.” 

I delivered the “word” to the Pastor after first showing it to an assistant.  The Pastor called me a “Jezebel” and told me that if I received any more of these “words from God” to show them only to him.  I left his office, not knowing what a “Jezebel” was.

A little while later, I heard news that the accountant for the church had been fired.  A friend of mine played golf with the husband of the accountant and relayed to me that she feared for her life from the words which the Pastor had spoken to her when he warned her not to tell anyone what she knew about the finances at the church.

17 years went by.  God spoke once more to write and tell the daughter of the Pastor the whole story and tell her that the church is going to be judged for their stealing of money and that the children would be “hit” first with the judgment unless there is repentance.

I received an email in response from the associate Pastor stating that if I write or speak to anyone from the church, at any time, that I will be sued for libel.

Tonight I’m watching a movie which God told me to watch, “Clear and Present Danger” where a man who had been close friends with the President for over 40 years is murdered.  He had been “laundering money” for a drug cartel.  His friends and relatives had not a clue.

Do you really know what goes on in your churches?  God spoke to me today that 93% of American male Pastors are involved with pornography on a daily basis.  Sunday school teachers molest children and all is kept quiet.  One pastor believes it’s a sin to abstain from alcohol and teaches his congregation, including the youth that drinking helps them enjoy fellowship and Bible Study. 

Why isn’t anything done?

Because the people don’t really want the Truth.  They will do anything NOT to hear the Truth.  Even when the congregation knows the Truth, they stand by their Pastor and choose to slay the prophet / Truth speaker.  The people of the churches have been brought up / taught to believe apostasy and they will tolerate nothing else.  You will not find a True Believer of Jesus Christ among them in this day and time. 

I have a CONFESSION tonight.  I no longer care about the souls of these men and women who are leading this young generation into Hell.  I have prayed for you for years in tremendous anguish, but I now know that you will never repent and I simply pray that God removes you so that you can do no more damage.  Harsh?  Perhaps, but there are so many innocent victims who will never hear the real Gospel, because the Pastors are preaching their own version which does not involve repentance or Cross bearing, Righteousness or Truth.  Simply by reading the Book of John one could negate most of what the Pastors teach these days.

At one church in town, I will be arrested if I walk on their grounds, because I confronted the Pastor about his speaking to handicapped people who visit his church and asking them not to come back.  He wants his church to look perfect, not marred by human frailty.

Now, I will be sued if I talk to or write anyone from the church where the Pastor believes that every penny that comes into the church is his alone to divide up. Whether the money is collected for missionary programs or outreach, it can all end up in the Pastor’s pockets and the pockets of family members who he staffs. 

God is about to lay the “harlot” churches low and I will not be one who grieves for their souls.  I will not pray for them, nor will I be available to counsel them into right relationship with God. Their lives are lived to deceive people so that they can gain wealth, success, status, acclaim and I believe that they belong in Hell. They speak of grace and how God sees them as sinless, but they don’t abide in God, stay cleansed by the Blood nor attempt to love and please God.  There is NO protection for these people.

No, I will not step on the grounds of your church again and I will not write the people of your church to tell them of your atrocities, but I will pray wholeheartedly that all your sins will be exposed and that God will show no mercy or grace on you as you begin to pay for your false teaching, hateful and blasphemous responses to God’s servants, and failure to bring Truth to the people.

I’ve had ENOUGH!


“And in the city there was a soldier
He stands for the applause and sits comfortably wherever he likes
He flatters the women and encourages the men
He opens his place to all who will come
A secret he holds that no one yet knows
for he is crafty and sly, not adhering to mere human

standards of conduct
What is the secret, you ask

He steals money

Yes, he steals from the rich and from the poor
He steals to make his life easy
He steals to remain in charge
He steals, because he can
He thinks he owns the city
But one day, I tell you the Truth,

The King will bring Justice
to the soldier of ease
the man of pride and arrogance
the liar and thief
and all will know of his doings

Will there be a lawsuit?

The soldier told the man to keep his secret quiet
Anyone who shares the Truth
will be taken to Court

Will there be a lawsuit?

Yes, but not against the Truth-sayers


A pastor he is by day
A wolf by night
Do you know him?”

And in that day, the multitude
were brought into slavery for they were
unwilling to repent,
unwilling to acknowledge their God

unwilling to listen to the prophet

unwilling to teach the children
Truth, Righteousness, Holiness and Purity

They were simply unwilling
to be sons and daughters of God

Strictly speaking
Hell comes for you, apostate church

and not a day too soon


For you see
I’ve been entrusted with something
something called the Truth
and I will be faithful to my God

Tonight, in celebration of this finale
God told me to watch, “The Least Among You”

God is the One who holds our breath
and despite the threats against me from the Pastors
involving lawsuits and imprisonment
for speaking the Truth
I will still be faithful to my God
which abides within me