It’s been 6 long days since a famous author, evangelist, “prophet”, lost his son to suicide at the early age of 27.  I prayed and searched my own heart for these 6 days since to find a solution, to find the answer to why I have not been able to help others rule over the evil that comes and preys at their door each day.  They still rely on man’s way or even man’s interpretation and religious rhetoric to get by, but we were designed to be conquerors over the evil that seeks to kill, steal and destroy.  Instead, the churches invite the evil into their churches to allow more people to come and feel welcome, but the cost is the lives of many and ultimately the exclusion from Heaven of most.  You may want to differ, but by the time you find out the Truth, there will not be a chance left to save you or your loved ones.

A local church guides, leads, directs people through their young pastor into a 3 week teaching session on spiritual warfare, and yet, this same pastor’s wife runs and hides in the laundry room whenever the doorbell rings because she has so much fear.  Wouldn’t the lessons begin at home?  Wouldn’t it be wise to teach, guide, direct, instruct your own household before leading a whole church down a road that provides absolutely no protection?  And yet, they continue . . . inviting speakers to come and instruct them from all parts of the planet to give them a “heads-up”, not because they are knowledgeable, but because they are famous.

A young couple begin their courtship, their marriage, their life together in utter bliss.  They have “beaten back” the prophets which told them that they were not to marry.  They have dismissed the book, “A Severe Mercy” given to them of those who have gone before and made the same mistake.  They have mocked the news, the warning from the prophets and yet, just a few months passed the wedding and the young wife, just 20 years old, lies in tremendous pain from Lyme disease.  Is there hope?  Will she recover?  Are they forever imprisoned by their arrogance and pride?  Will God come and save and deliver?  Will they continue to lead the young people of the world into the same disobedience and hypocrisy which marks their lives?

In all these cases, there is a cure, there is an answer.  No, it will not bring someone back from the dead or possibly heal a disease which was caused by disobedience, but souls can still be saved; people can be delivered in full from the demonic; lives can be improved and lessons can be learned and taught to another generation.

Another man backs away from situation after situation from fear of what could happen.  He’s afraid to live, afraid to venture forward, afraid to encounter anything or anyone that would disappoint him, and yet, he’s not really living.  God has equipped us with everything we need to battle fear, but it’s still our choice whether we use what He has given us or lazily slip into a day to day coma of unfulfilled expectations.  We were never meant to live in fear.  We were not designed to succumb to “waves of despair”.  We have always been seen by God as His Masterpiece, those who will follow Him, be filled with Him, conquer the evil in our midst and lead others to triumph in Him.  But we don’t, do we?

I used to write to churches to tell them how God wanted them to respond to Him.  I would tell them the “holes in their armor” that prevented God from blessing them.  I would tell them how to fight off Satan and his battle against them and their church.  I would instruct them with God’s Words how to rise up and bring God’s Truth, His Kingdom, His Presence in their midst.  Because of the words I sent to build them to be true “Living Stones” in the Kingdom, they mocked, slandered, threatened arrest / law suits, shunned and despised me.  So, when I hear of a young woman with debilitating pain from Lyme disease or a young man who is overcome by despair and kills himself or even a man who sleeps his life away afraid to step out and enjoy life, I grieve.

But, today, God told me that I will no longer grieve.  I can no longer grieve if I am to accomplish His Perfect Will.  I spoke and wrote and prayed and loved and decreed, but people still have the choice to listen, to obey, to seek God for the Truth.  I can do no more for those who continually choose to live an apostate existence at the expense of their lives, their children’s lives, their church’s well being.  They simply refuse to learn and that is where I will leave them.  Often times, Jesus would leave the people when His work was done.  (Matthew 16:1-4)

There are children who will receive the Truth.  There are young people not raised in the churches who will embrace the full Gospel of Jesus Christ.  There is a whole generation which will one day know God in His Power and to those I will will now commit myself unto God.  I will teach them what the churches refuse to embrace.  I will teach them of God’s requirement of repentance.  I will tell them how to speak the Blood of Jesus Christ to dispel all “waves of despair”.  I will instruct them of the importance of obedience to secure the pure and true blessings of God.  I will tell them how they have nothing to fear, but God Himself, as they live their lives seeking His Face, obeying His Voice and loving the people.

The pastors which I know and I have read their twitters, facebooks, listened to their sermons “water down” the fact that we are to have a healthy fear of God.  They want God to appear all warm and fuzzy and always, always, always accommodating to all their desires, wants, cravings, sins, demands.  But the Truth is different than their fantasy and due to their lies, millions will go to Hell believing that God approves, accepts, desires their disobedient, sinful, filthy, lying hearts to be part of His family as they are.  The churches no longer teach repentance, but only a prayer to “receive Jesus into your heart”.  That won’t do, people and if you’ve been taught that, you’ve been taught by Satan, himself of how to truly avoid the Kingdom of Heaven.

I will speak no more to the fallacies of the church.  I have done this for 19 years and it’s all recorded on this website.  Read, learn and live or blindly follow your pastor into  . . . .