DAY 1:

‘Come to Me,’ I say to the people

but they look at their earnings
and turn the other way

‘Come to Me,’ I bid them
but they are comfortable and full

and to relax is more their due

they believe

‘Come to Me,’ I harken
almost beg
but their plate is full
and they see their future of plenty

But what if today was DAY 1
of the end of the prosperity?

What if . . .
they were about to lose everything
and doom would settle onto their souls
and rob them of all comfort and peace?

What if . . .
there were only 10 days left to warn?
What would I say to make the people listen?

What could I say to make you really hear?

Riddle Part 1: I Samuel 10

DAY 2:

A beggar alights in the street

his clothes are torn and filthy

He puts his hands out to suck up the money

of the people passing by

but there is nothing to be gained this day

He had his chance

He was given Truth

He was told what was the road to God

but he chose his own route, his fabricated plan

and now he begs from God and man

and there is no surplus to be had

What if . . .
he was given another chance

knowing what his outcome would be this day?

What if . . .
he was given one more chance

to come to God and meet Him and surrender all?

Would he do it?

Would he allow God to be Lord and Master

knowing that to walk away from Truth

would produce such misery and poverty?

Would he change?

Will you?

Riddle Part 2: I John 3

DAY 3:

A long, slender reed is broken by the wind
The wind passes by every window bidding the people to look, observe, fear

for in the coming days the disasters will come

and there will be little left that the winds, the floods, the fires

do not take

Will there be restoration in the days to come

after the disasters strike the land

and steal the money from the rich and the poor?

Will there be a new day of rebuilding and planning

and hoping and praying for advancement rather than the gathering of scraps?

There is a day coming of restoration if there will be a Righteous clan

who come alongside Me to rebuild

for I have plans for which man could never imagine

but they are only given to those who will abide in Me

Compromise has driven this country to its death

Compromise and failure to believe that I will judge that which destroys My people
The church of the United States has brought forth a false gospel

which has turned the country away from My Face

and toward the local pastor,
his charisma, his celebrity status, his compromising ways

But no more, I will now stand as Judge

and bring Justice, a spring of Righteousness and GREAT HOPE

to the outcasts who have followed Me through the Cross

Riddle Part 3: Philippians 4

DAY 4:

Judgment is delayed yet another day

The Righteous cry out for Justice, Peace, Provision

but evil runs rampant across the land

and that which is sacred is profaned

Will Judgment come in time to save the land and the people?

Will there be a day of Justice when the false christs are revealed,

exposed, removed?

What would cause the people to stop following

those who promise the goods, but deliver the believer unto Hell, itself?

Who will be wise in these last days and come away from lies?

Who will seek My Face and turn from sin to find redemption?

Who will run from all that destroys the soul into My Arms of safety?

Who will be Mine in the end?

Riddle Part 4: Matthew 6

DAY 5:

There will come a time when comfort and peace

will be no more in these United States

What would cause both the rich and the poor

to fail to find a place of comfort, an abode of peace?

Rich man, poor man . . . they will all have the same fate

in the days to come for there will simply be no escape

from the terror

Money will not buy anything when the disasters rest

on this country

It would be good if the rich man could still profit

so that he could help his fellow man

but that will not be the case

Disease, chemical warfare, exploding bombs

will be the fare and there will be no place to run

Why am I telling you all this when it has been written before?

Why do I continue to warn when no one has heeded?

Why is there grace if mankind does not choose to change

but remains hell-bound in his arrogance and neglect?

I warn, because that reflects who I AM

I warn, because I want to give you every opportunity

to know Me, to know Truth, to know My Love, to be safe

but you always have the choice

I will put My Signature on these warnings so very soon

and there will be no going back to take advantage

of My grace

Think about it once more . . .

but I tell you the Truth today

no one who has not heeded before will heed at this time

No one  . . .

and so the story will end and the horror will reach

your doorstep in time and you will know that I reached out

to help, but you refused to Come to Me . . .

It will be as if you live in a mine trap where every step

you take will bring new terror, more fear, unresolved panic

and there will be no one who can help you

But know this day, that your course, your future

was entirely your choice and most definitely outright rebellion

to My Ways, My Love, My Offer of Eternal Life

Peace will not come

Safety will be no more

The beggar and the rich man will hide in the same hole

and you would have created Hell from the gifts which I bestowed

so lovingly on you

Riddle Part 5: Revelation 20

DAY 6:

And what will be the fate of the children

The innocent, unprotected, vulnerable children

who have borne your sins and judgment these many years?

Many don’t even make it out of the womb

and even some of those are exterminated

You’ve had a choice to protect that which is born of you

That which you create in your moments of pleasure

but you stand far off and demand that you have rights

to neglect, abort, murder, destroy

and you still expect a better outcome for yourselves?

Justice comes and it does not bring peace

and good tidings for most

The child in the womb lives out its days in hope

until darkness and pain bring all the hope to an end

A full one third of lives conceived are destroyed

in these United States and you can expect no less

of My Judgment to come

Are you innocent?

Have you prayed for the innocent?

Are you of means?

Have you stood to protect the innocent?

When do the innocent impact your lives in such a way

that you sacrifice what you have to save lives?

Remember the lives which never lived out even one day

outside the womb

Remember the hope which is born within each soul

to be loved

Remember that you did nothing to protect the innocent

  1. -- - and now, WATCH outside your window
    at the holocaust to come against the survivors

and believe in JUSTICE once more

Riddle Part 6: Malachi 3

DAY 7:

The pretenders come and the pretenders go
believing that they make a positive mark on this bleak world

but the Truth is that they prevent more people from entering

the Kingdom of God

They sell their wares and beg for money

They speak the catchy phrases and line up to shake your hand

They hug and kiss your baby while speaking against you

when you’re not present

Who are these people?

Who are the pretenders?

They hold a Bible close to their chest

and know the latest popular verse

They sing praises loudly and with passion

They pretend to bless and help

but their hearts are not pure, are not Mine, are not true

The problem is that it is difficult to tell the real from the pretenders

until you have been destroyed by the false message

I will come in time to separate the wheat from the chaff

but for this day and in this time, there is truly a mixture

and you will have to come to Me for discernment

Woe to the pretenders for in that day that I bring Judgment

you will surely pay double for your sins

and eternity for your atrocities against My own

Riddle Part 7: Matthew 16

DAY 8:

Who will fight the battle for your soul?

Will a mother, sister, brother, friend, pastor, saint?

Who is fighting in your corner to turn the tide

and cause you to embrace the Truth?

Who will stand when the forces of evil drown out your voice

to the Heavens?

Who is available with sword raised to hold back that which

seeks to destroy you?

Will there be a day of Victory as you cower in your corner?

Can the Victory come if you will not seek out the Face of God?

“Bring down the ladder,” the spokesman said.

“You cannot reach God that way.”

“Well then, how?”

on bended knee

Riddle Part 8: Isaiah 10

DAY 9:

You shout out for peace, but peace will not come

You shout out and beg for hope, for comfort, for security

but there will be none

Armies will form in the streets

They will take from you all that you hope to guard

They will steal your money and your livelihood

They will bring you to the ground and make you plead

for your life

and for this, you will be counted as one of the lucky ones

Fires will erupt in the cities

Entire cities will be taken over and engulfed in flames

Bullets will fly through the air and even the innocent

will fall dead, broken and be removed

What will be your plan?

Who will be your ally?

Who will you find that is still able to help?

Many who you have run to for help will be no more

and there will be bars on the churches

Riddle Part 9: Psalm 11

DAY 10:

A child weeps in the night

for he has no one left

A child weeps in the day

for there is no food

A child huddles in the barren corner

but there is no comfort

The children pay the price for your evil

They pay the price every day for your compromise

your swollen egos, your passionate desires, your hatred of Truth

They pay with broken hearts, lost hope, tearful eyes

and still your heart does not rend

So be it!

You think that you have won, because you have all that you want

You believe yourself to be the victor, because you shut down the Truth speaker

You look around at all your possessions, your galley of friends, your rich life

and know that no one will keep you accountable

but that isn’t the Truth, is it?

That isn’t the Truth

This is:
Riddle Part 10: Mark 11