Find Your Voice


I stand at the crossroads and look up
I see the Father, Triumphant
and adorned in Holiness

I stand and look at the road before me

It looks impossible, impossible in every way

I look at my heart and I see fear,
unresolved fear

Fear, I have not addressed

Fear, I have not allowed the Father
to take away

I look into my soul and I see passion
to speak the Truth
I hear the Father’s Voice to me constantly

speaking Truth

and yet, the inhabitants of this earth

do not want to hear what is in
the Heart of the Father

I stand and I do stand, alone

I stand and I do speak, alone

I fear, but not for long

for you see,

the Father comes and reminds me

that He is the Voice within me

and if I fail to speak as He speaks to me

I could no longer live

It is the Compelling Indwelling
of the Risen Savior

who will not be silent

even if no one listens

He speaks

Will you let Him speak to you?

If you do, you will never be the same

and your heart, soul, spirit, body, mind

will constantly lie on His Altar
for man to crucify


there is the
in its
full Glory!


Stand in the Power of God
and speak Truth!


Most all of you live in prisons
of your own making
There are prisons to keep evil in
and protect mankind

There are prisons which contain people
not able to fight

for their own rights
There are prisons which hold people captive because

the mind is distracted, distorted, undermined
by wrong motives

School, to many children seems to be
a type of prison

Home can be a prison to a young wife whose husband takes

his anger out frequently upon her

When does church and its rules
become a prison?

Yes, there are cults and you’ve heard
of their abuses

But look at the American church and their rules, decrees,
and promised blessings for good behavior

Is that a prison?

Most would say, “No”

Many look to church to create better behavior,
more cloned-like, happy people,
but look once more and look carefully . . .

A small boy sits in the corner

He has been punished and so he must sit alone

without playmates, without toys,
without any means of mischief

Is he becoming a better person
because all his manner
of trouble-making is removed?

Has he changed or is he simply “contained”?

Are you beginning to see the picture now?

Open your eyes, people and look about you

The church teaches good, kind behavior

They expect people to act as such
to fit into their mold

But tell me, return them to the real world

Monday through Saturday and do they not

cheat, lie, steal, fornicate, profane My Name, etc.?

Are they not the same as all others

when their “containment” - the church is removed from them?

Is this why Jesus the Christ spoke
that you must be born again?

There must be a full transformation so that you don’t become

a better person;
you become an entirely new person
with a right heart and a right spirit

The church confines, disciplines, clones, produces hypocrites . . .

but where are the transformed ones,
the NEW BREED ---

the ones filled fully with My Holy Spirit?

Where are they?

You won’t typically find them in most churches,

for they won’t be confined with the religious

They would / could never fit in,
believe Me!

So, where do we go from here?

Do you prefer confinement,
the prison of cloned behavior;

the appearance of good
when evil truly rules beneath:

the absence of Truth;

the denial of Scripture;

the hopelessness and deformity of apostasy?

Run from these places, My friends

Run and don’t look back

unless you choose to stand and speak Truth

to release these people
from their chosen prison bars

You have a choice

for I tell you the Truth

An army will now march against the churches

and there will be few who survive the persecution to come

Have you become a better person by reading “Christian” books?

Have you become better by memorizing Scripture?

OR have you become born-again
and now realize
that all that you have to present to Me
is as filthy rags?

You must have / contain My Righteousness
to please Me

You must bear My Mark of the Cross
to be Mine

You must ask for true Freedom,
from not only evil,
but the appearance of good which masquerades as Righteousness

and is often called, “Christian” in this day


Look around you . . .

Are you free?

Are you Righteous?

Are you Mine?
Are you safe?

“Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.’”
John 3:3

The reason that you do not hunger for Me
or for My Word;

the reason you return to sin so easily;

the reason you cannot hear Me speak to you;

may just be that you have not been

only “contained”

BREAK FREE --- I’ll show you how to truly change . . .